Free Guided Walks

We are sorry to say that due to the current Covid-19 lockdown we are waiting to see what life will look like afterwards before we plan any walks. We will keep you updated.

This is still available – For Heritage Open Days 2020 we produced a PowerPoint and PDF Guide Walk exploring the theme of Hidden Nature on the Stade. You can find this on our Website:  Hidden Nature on the Stade PowerPoint and PDF/

New schedule for 2021 will be posted as soon as we know.

The OHPS runs two walks guided by experienced volunteers:

The Old Town Walk which provides a fascinating tour of Hastings Old Town, with its wealth of medieval, Tudor and later historic buildings, twittens and cat creeps.

The Stade Walk explores the Stade Fishing Quarter at Rock a Nore and the history of our special sustainable fishing community, with its unique tall black Net Shops and a fishing history going back hundreds of years. The Stade is often called a ‘living museum’.

Old Town Guided Walks 2021


Meet at 2.30 pm (except where noted), at the TOP of the West Hill lift – the Upper Station TN34 3RD . (lower lift entrance is at the West end of George Street) PLEASE NOTE HASTINGS HAS TWO LIFTS SO ENSURE YOU ARE AT THE TOP OF THE LIFT WHERE HASTINGS CASTLE IS.

All Old Hastings Preservation Society [OHPS] walks are free, no pre-booking or tickets required but donations are welcomed.


Join us for a tour of Hastings Old Town, the premier ancient Cinque Port, with its wealth of historic buildings, twittens and cat-creeps. Find out why the celebrities of their day flocked to Hastings.

Old Hastings Preservation Society experienced volunteer guides lead all walks, which proceed gently downhill, but there are steps. Allow 2 hours. The walks are FREE, but please donate to the OHPS.

For more information and to book a private walk for groups of adults: / 01424 461446


FREE Old Town Guided Walks 2020











Heritage Week Special – 

Battle of Hastings Day Special


Stade Guided Walks 2021

All walks begin at 11:00am meeting outside the Fishermen’s Museum (inside if raining)

All Old Hastings Preservation Society [OHPS] walks are free, no pre booking or tickets required but donations are welcomed.

Join us for this fascinating tour of the Stade Fishing Quarter of Hastings Old Town. The walk can be over uneven ground but there are no hills or steps to climb. We can tailor the walk to your mobility needs or interest. The walks are led by experienced volunteer guides from the Fishermen’s Museum. These walks take about 60 to 90 minutes and are free but donations are welcomed and are used towards the upkeep of the Fishermen’s Museum which is a registered charity. 

Maximum 15 people – any groups must book in advance.

UNAVAILABLE AT THIS CURRENT TIME – If a scheduled walk isn’t convenient for you, we may be able to arrange a private walk on a Thursday or Friday. 

For further details please contact the Fishermen’s Museum:  01424 461446


FREE Stade Guided Walks 2021

All walks commence at 11am unless specified

Stade Walks 2021


Please contact to see if we are able to offer the remaining walks this year

 September 11am – Seafood and Wine Festival

September 11am – Seafood and Wine Festival

September 11am – Heritage Open Days

September 11am – Heritage Open Days

 October 11am – Hastings Week

October 11am – Hastings Day

 October 11am –Hastings Week

October 11am – Hastings Week