Museum Openings

We are pleased to announce we are able to open October half term week every afternoon! Thank you to everyone who has supported us and we hope to see old and new visitors! 

We have been opening at the weekends and we are pleased to say we have been fairly busy and it’s been lovely to hear a buzz in the museum after such a long time. Of course with the Covid-19 restrictions we are only allowed 27 at any one time but everything is flowing nicely. We would like to thank all of our visitors who have happily worked with us in implementing the ‘new normal’ in the museum and being understanding about the added restriction of having to wear face coverings at all times  in museums. We ourselves wear clear visors at all times . We hope the choice of using these visors makes your visit more enjoyable as you can see our mouths whilst we talk to you. We hope to see many more of you coming through our doors in the coming weeks and months!

Thank you all for the overwhelming support we have received.