New Stereo Card Viewer imminent

UPDATE! It's here! The prototype viewer is here! Come and see these stereo cards in glorious digital 3D!



For those that have been delighted with Peter Creswell’s amazing  3D viewer, we have been given exciting news! Peter has been quietly developing  a new viewer which will have images on a loop instead of just one image. For those who haven’t seen the Stereograph why not pop in and see for yourself. Also have a look on our website  for more about stereo cards and the history behind them 

We do need more images though. Jim Breeds of the Hastings And Area Past and Present Facebook page put an appeal on his page recently:

“Do you have any stereo cards of Hastings? Can you lend them to the Fishermen's Museum to be scanned to be included in their stereo card exhibition? The Museum is very close to getting a new viewer for their stereographic photos which will display them on a loop. Peter Creswell has worked very hard on their behalf to construct this new facility and they would love to enlarge their collection of stereo images. Please search your attics or cellars or drawers for any stereographic images of Hastings that you may have! As an example, below is one of my stereo images, entitled Selling Fish at Auction, Hastings from 1908 which I lent to the Museum previously and features in their current exhibition. They really come to life when you look at them in a viewer and I highly recommend a trip to the Museum. Please visit or contact the Museum if you can help.”

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