Update 2nd September on West Hill Lift

Please note that the West Hill Lift is out of order for the time being, but our Walks schedule continues as advertised.
For those intending to walk up to the top of the lift, where our walks start, the gentlest route is:
Up the stairs on the east side of the Pump House pub on George Street, then cross the road up into Exmouth Place. At the top there is a gap opening onto turf. Follow up the hill, in the trees’ shade and you will see the gentler angled slope up to the top.

Two Exhibitions at Hastings History House Jan 2019

Hastings: Hotbed of Women’s Emancipation – “Miss Matters wasn’t the only suffragette locally – it was something of a hotbed for the movement.” (Pamela Haines)


Unseen Hastings – Pictures from private collections

Open Thurs to Sat 11-4pm throughout January