Lost Words Trail

Finishes August 31st

Pick up your leaflet from the Museum and look out for the next ‘wordy’ project

Hastings Fishermen’s Museum is taking part in The Lost Words Trail!
Can you and your family find the lost words hidden around Hastings?
The Lost Words Trail is a great way to get outside, spend time as a family and have fun exploring the town this summer.
Inspired by The Lost Words: A Spell Book by Robert Macfarlane and Jackie Morris, Get Hastings Reading has brought the book’s beautiful lost words and artwork to Hastings.
Use The Lost Words Trail leaflet gethastingsreading.org.uk to walk the trail, collecting the lost words and answering the questions as you go. Complete the trail and enter the competition for a chance to win a prize.
You can do the trail again and again as it is open from now until the end of August.

Two Exhibitions at Hastings History House Jan 2019

Hastings: Hotbed of Women’s Emancipation – “Miss Matters wasn’t the only suffragette locally – it was something of a hotbed for the movement.” (Pamela Haines)


Unseen Hastings – Pictures from private collections

Open Thurs to Sat 11-4pm throughout January