Winter News!

As winter draws in and the nights get darker and yet more rain falls on us don’t forget the museum and history house will be opening. Check out our opening times on the home page. The museum will change to 11am- 4pm from 1st November.

There are a few events coming up so check out the events page here:

Have you checked out the museum and History House shops for gift ideas? Some gifts can be purchased through the website here:

The last Stade Walks of the season are 23rd & 24th November @ 11am contact details here:


New Exhibit

The museum staff are excited to welcome our new exhibit as seen in this week's Observer. Bob Arrowsmith has spent three months making this detailed model of the Cyril and Lillan Bishop in a bottle complete with soldiers being rescued. Bob told us how he made the model using his own handmade tools. The model can be seen now in our boat making section in the extension. Please come and marvel at the intricate detail. Bob has also donated his handmade tools to the museum and these will shortly also be on display. 





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